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This course module presents participants with a series of exercises and problems that are designed to test their ability to apply their knowledge of topics covered in previous courses. Completing this lab will help highlight areas that require further attention and will further prove hands-on proficiency in DevOps models, practices and strategies, as they are applied and combined to solve real-world problems. For instructor-led delivery of this lab course, the Certified Trainer works closely with participants to ensure that all exercises are carried out completely and accurately. Attendees can voluntarily have exercises reviewed and graded as part of the class completion. For individual completion of this course as part of a study kit, a number of supplements are provided to help participants carry out exercises with guidance.

Key Outcomes
Students will be able to know:
  • Culture and Business Strategy, Collaboration and Communication, Automation, Governance and Processes of DevOps Maturity Assessment
  • CI with Cloud Computing
  • CD with Cloud Computing
  • Continuous Deployment with Cloud Computing
  • IaC, CaC and PaC with Cloud Computin
  • etc


  • Configuration-as-Code (CaC)
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
  • Infrastructure Resource Provisioning and Development Lifecycle Stages
  • DevOps Maturity Assessment
  • Policy-as-Code (PaC)
  • Continuous Monitoring Mechanisms
  • DevOps Metrics
  • DevOps with Microservices and Containers
  • DevOps with Cloud Computing
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • CI/CD Delivery Pipeline
  • DevOps Challenges
  • DevOps Lifecycle Stages
  • Key DevOps Practices
  • DevOps Tools, Systems & Repositories
  • DevOps Impacts
  • DevOps Benefits
  • DevOps Primary Roles
  • DevOps Goals
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Rekhatama sebagai pusat layanan Teknologi Informasi dan Non-Teknologi Informasi yang berkomitmen untuk membagun seuatu ekosistem yang tidak usang ditelan waktu, dalam arti lain kami selalu mengikuti perkembangan teknologi dari waktu ke waktu dengan Inovasi yang tidak pernah berhenti. Beberapa layanan kami, diantaranya

  • Lembaga pendidikan, pelatihan dan sertifikasi IT dan Non-IT dengan konsep Fun & Easy Learning
  • Layanan jasa konsultansi yang mengutamakan kemandirian IT untuk semua client
  • Membangun sistem informasi atau aplikasi yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan pelanggan
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