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The PADI Rescue Diver course builds on the basic safety,and accident prevention / management skills learnt in your Open Water Diver course. The first exercises focus on self-rescue, then progress to taking responsibility for the health and safety of others.

Students will study and learn stress prevention techniques, and how to manage and resolve more complex diving emergencies like panicked divers, tired divers, unconscious divers both underwater and on the surface, administering oxygen, and other vital skills.

Although the context in which rescue training may be used is serious, the course should be an enjoyable challenge that will build your confidence as diver.

The Rescue Diver certification is the prerequisite for all PADI leadership-level training like the Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, and Open Water Scuba Instructor qualification.

It takes a minimum of 2 days to complete, and includes reviews, exams, rescue training sessions and open water simulated scenarios.

Clients must have successfully completed a sanctioned course in CPR and basic first aid within the past 24 months, plus be 15 years old, and be certified as Padi advanced diver or have a qualifying certification from another training organization.


Course Overview:

Day 1
On the first day of the PADI Rescue Diver Course you will watch the video and make some knowledge reviews till about 12.00 then we will have lunch at Anugerah. After the lunch we are going to the swimming pool and do all the skills in the swimming pool first.

Day 2

At 7.00 in the morning we are going to one of the dive sites around Rote island. Here we are going to make 2 dives. We are going to practice all the skills that we have done the da before in the swimming pool and on the dives there we will play out a couple of scenarios. So keep your eyes open on this dive you never know when and what is going to happen.

We will be back around 12.00 and have lunch at the resort. After the lunch we will finish with the knowledge reviews and make the final exam.

After completion of the course you will receive the PADI Rescue Diver certification.

Note: we don’t have all the teaching materials for giving a EFR course yet.

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Anugerah Surf & Dive Resort is a family owned business in Rote Island, Indonesia. From here we offer accomdation dive courses and surf lesson.
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