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This training module is for those who are involved in small and medium scale projects. Good Project Management practices are crucial for a successful project implementation. Delivering timely and maximising resources to produce quality results are crucial.This training demonstrates the critical knowledge and skills required in Project Management. It gives participants a good idea about projects and what is expected of them. Furthermore, it introduces the right, proper and common terminologies and good practices that will help achieve project success.


o   Recap

o   Demand Management - origin of projects

o   Why projects fail typically in IT projects

o   Critical success factors

o   Project Framework - fundamentals of a project

o   Project Management processes

o   Best practices of Project Management: PMI©

o   Scope Management Plan

o   Time Management Plan

o   Cost Management Plan

o   Quality Management Plan

o   HR Management Plan

o   Effective communication Plan with Stakeholders

o   Procurement Plan

o   Risk Management Plan

o   Integrated Change Control Plan

o   Implementing the project by executing the plan

o   Communicate effectively with good negotiation skills

o   Monitor with regular meetings and reports

o   Manage change requests and issues

o   Managing Change and Configuration management

o   Administrative Closure and Lessons Learned

o   Post Implementation review (PIR)

Special Offer

  • Comprehend why and when projects origin
  • Understand the success factors for project implementation
  • Learn the importance of Project Management processes
  • Learn about Stakeholders of a project and their roles
  • Learn how to be involved in the preparation of a project plan
  • Learn the importance of controls in execution
  • Understand what skills are required to manage and support a project


No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 14
No. of Participants: 10
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