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Humane Entrepreneurship Symposium: From Asia to the World

Conference by  MarkPlus, Inc.
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On-Site / Conference
Ended last Dec 05, 2017
IDR  500,000.00


This is perhaps the first ever Humane Entrepreneurship (HE) symposium held in Indonesia. Despite the discussion about entrepreneurship has been a highly popular topic among business society, it has not been covered the humane perspective as an integral part of it. This somehow understandable since the concept that combines humane aspect with entrepreneurship has just recently developed by Prof. Ki-Chan Kim couple of years back. Therefore, this is going to be a very exciting symposium and truly one of a kind.

In this rare opportunity, we aim to deliver the fundamental concept of HE directly from the inventor himself who will also share his findings based on his global research on HE. In the panel session, we will further discuss the development and implementation of HE within several ASEAN countries from which where we will feature prominent speakers as well. This symposium will also feature one excellent example of HE implementation in Indonesia.

The main objective of this symposium is to enlight participants about this new HE model in such so they will embrace it and in turn disseminate that concept to relevant parties such as university students, business communities, and beyond. At the end of the program, we will also witness and participate in the inauguration of Humane Entrepreneurship ASEAN Center Jakarta.

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  • Regular Ticket: Rp 500.000,00 (Include lunch & certificate)
  • Special Package: Rp 1.000.000,00 (Inclunce lunch & certificate + Entrance Ticket to MarkPlus Conference & WOW Night 2017)

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MarkPlus, Inc. senantiasa memantau tren pemasaran dari seluruh dunia untuk kemudian menciptakan konsep pemasaran yang tepat untuk pasar Indonesia. Di tahun 2017, seiring dengan diluncurkan buku kami yang terbaru dan terpenting Marketing 4.0: Moving from Traditional to Digital, MarkPlus, Inc. melakukan perombakan menyeluruh terhadap silabus Public Education Program. Semua materi kami diperbaharui dengan konsep-konsep dan kasus-kasus terbaru di bidang pemasaran. Cara pembelajaran dan pengajar pun akan disesuaikan dengan tingkatan kelas pelatihan kami.

Tidak hanya itu, kami juga menjawab permintaan pasar. Sejak tahun 2017, setiap kelas yang Anda ikuti akan mendapatkan poin kredit untuk mendapatkan Sertifikasi Pemasaran dari MarkPlus, Inc. Jenjang manapun maupun spesialisasi apapun yang dikejar, Anda tinggal memilih beberapa kelas yang tepat dan mempunyai total poin kredit yang mencukupi dari 42 pilihan kelas untuk mendapatkan sertifikasi.

Tiga hal yang membedakan program kami di 2017 dari sebelumnya adalah sebagai berikut.

  • Leading to Certification – sekarang semua kelas mendapatkan poin kredit untuk mendapatkan berbagai sertifikasi
  • Designed for Executive – semua materi didesain untuk relevan dengan dunia kerja dengan pilihan waktu fleksibel di berbagai kota besar ...
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